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FORMS OF PAYMENT: has 3 forms of payment to facilitate their purchases.
1. Credit card - debit or Iupay account.
2. Credit card - debit or PayPal account.
3. Bank transfer or cash income from your bank.


Used in credit card payment is done through the secure payment gateway from Redsys. Using this payment method Sanmarino never collects or manipulates any data from the client relating to your card details. All data are treated directly by the Bank, in such a way that Sanmarino offers greater confidentiality and transparency in the transaction.

If you want to make the payment through Iupay click on the corresponding logo:


You can register at Iupay by clicking on the following linkHere.


PayPal is the world most widespread payment system.
With Paypal you can pay with debit card, credit card or from your bank accountthrough PayPal.
You can register at Paypal by clicking on the following linkHere.
Orders paid for by PayPal does not assume any expenditure on the total amountof the order.



Payment by bank transfer is a simple payment method to make purchases over the Internet. You can make this payment comfortably from your home or making income from your bank.
When you choose this payment option, and once completed your order, the data required to carry out the bank transfer will be you displayed. In addition we will send you an email with the data: selected products, total amount, the order and number of our bank account to make a payment.

Remember that you must enter your order reference number as the payment to avoid errors in the management of your order.

Transfers usually take approximately 48 hours in made effective.
Once payment is confirmed be invoicing, preparation and shipment of your order.
If you want to expedite the shipping of your order, please send proof of payment to:


All forms of payment offered by are protected by encryption of the data entered. In addition Sanmarino never collects or manipulates any data the customer card numbers or passwords for access. Your card details are treated directly by the Bank, to offer a most confidentiality and transparency in the transaction.
You can verify that the SSL certificate is installed correctly when the URL protocol https://, green and his side appears a lock. By clicking the padlock, you will see that the certificate is valid and correct.

If you have any questions or queries you can contact with us directly.